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Commercial Pressure Washing

Our commercial power washing service includes:

  • Parking Lot Pressure Washing, Curbing, & Parking Blocks:
    The first thing your customers see is your parking lot or garage. Impress them by cleaning your parking lot or parking garage regularly to remove dirt, scum, oil, gum, and grease. Our pressure washing technicians will improve the look of your business on the outside and keep the dirt from coming inside.

  • Sidewalks:
    Mold, mildew and fungus grow on sidewalks and walkways and are easily tracked into your place of business. Regularly cleaning these areas not only eliminates a buildup of these dangerous fungi, but also improves the overall look and sanitary conditions of your business.

  • Restaurants & Drive-Thru Cleaning:
    Be sure that you have regularly scheduled pressure washing for your restaurant or bar’s exterior walls, patio area and sidewalk.  It is usually best to have the services completed quarterly. That way, excess dirt and stains do not build up to the point that your customers will notice.

  • Industrial Building:
    Keeping the exterior surfaces of facilities as clean as possible serves at least two important needs. First, performing yearly pressure washing of exterior surfaces, make it easier to spot problems with exterior elements and address them before they become more costly. Second, regularly cleaning exterior surfaces, including sidewalks, helps enhance a facility’s appearance.

  • Health Care Facilities:
    When the public enters your facility, you want their first impression of your building to reflect the quality experience you provide. Our professionals can help support the image you want by maintaining the exterior appearance of the building. Remember to keep walkways clean of mold and mildew to ensure a safe walking environment for guests and residents.
  • Veterinarian Hospitals:
    Pet owners want to feel confident that their beloved companion is cared for by a veterinary team they can rely on. To ensure that your facility becomes a go-to clinic or hospital, caring for animals of all shapes and sizes begins with a clean appearance and odor free. If the clinic has an unpleasant odor, the client is going to have the impression that you do not clean daily.  Remember to maintain the cleanliness of your exterior property to ensure a good first impression. Our professional exterior cleaning and sanitization services safely strip away the dirt, insect, debris and urine smell that buildup to keep your property looking great for longer with our cleaning system and equipment.

  • Hot Water Sanitation
  • Apartment/Multiplex:
    Maximize your property’s curb appeal with our professional exterior pressure washing service.  Our exterior cleaning service is one of the more cost-effective ways to brighten up a property without crippling your budget. We keep the property looking great for longer with our cleaning system, equipment and solutions to strip away the dirt, insect and debris buildup. Properly cleaning and maintaining painted exterior surfaces also extends the period of time between costly repaints. It is recommended that exterior surfaces be cleaned at least once per year to keep the surface bright and prevent premature degradation of the paint.

  • Gated Communities, Entry Signs and Common Areas:
    Show current and future residents that you value their comfort and safety. Our fully trained and insured cleaning specialists provide a deep cleaning without damaging your property. No rushed and haphazard pressure washing. No trampled plants. Minimal resident disruption. High quality results.

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